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Udinese are working again after the win over Napoli. A training session was held this morning. read more
Mr. Rocchi will referee the match scheduled for Thursday night at the Olimpico stadium read more
Don't miss tonight's episode of Udinese Tonight with Gabriele Schiavi and Chiara Perale. Tonight's guests are Massimo Giacomini, Luca Mattiussi and Bruno Pizzul. read more
The words of the French forward after the win over Napoli read more
The words of the Brazilian defender at the end of the match against Napoli read more
The Paraguayan defender comments on his début in the match against Napoli read more
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The interview with Udinese chairman Gianpaolo Pozzo at the inauguration of the new Hospitality Area at the Friuli stadium

The partnership between Udinese and the new co-sponsor ALCOTT will be presented tomorrow after the coach's press conference

The coach will hold a press conference tomorrow after the training session

Mr. Tagliavento will referee the match Udinese-Napoli on Sunday night, helped by Nicoletti and Schenone.

Training session and official photos taken this morning 

Centurioni's team has won the first place in last night's final against Ancona

Hosted on Udinese Tonight last night, Udinese defender Widmer has talked about the next match against Napoli

Bochniewicz and Matic allow Udinese to beat Carpi in the Coppa italia match

Piero Chiambrettiwill host the presentation of the project that widens the concept of Stadium, making it a business and relationship opportunity centre

Watch tonight's episode of Udinese Tonight with a special guest, Silvan Widmer and get a chance to win his jersey!

The match in Flambro is scheduled for tonight

Udinese Channel will air the match scheduled for 15.00 live starting from 14.55. 

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