Meeting Centre

A wide range of spaces suitable for events of any size



This arena-like space will keep the audience engaged with the help of the latest communication technology
The Auditorium is the jewel in the crown of the Dacia Arena Meeting Centre. Located under the Tribuna Centrale, it features 274 comfortable seats set out in an arrangement designed to evoke the feeling of a football stand. In turn, this ensures a clear view of the screen and keeps every single member of the audience engaged.
Striking the perfect balance between comfort and technology, the Auditorium is an ideal venue of speeches, corporate meetings or panel discussions.



·         Capacity: 274 seats (65 in order to ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations)
·         Double projection onto a white wall
·         Latest audio and lighting system
·         Table for panel/chairs for interviews/lectern
·         Interpreting booth
·         Air conditioning/heating
·         WiFi



A large space for parties and informal activities with views of the pitch
Welcome to the crème de la crème of Udinese hospitality: the VIP Club. The walls of this large space – which can hold around 350 people – are adorned with reminders of Udinese’s history, while the urban-style seating and high tables make this the perfect spot for social occasions, events or corporate meetings.
Great services like air conditioning/heating, six wall-mounted screens, a central bar and four refreshment points mean that this is an ideal venue for buffet lunches or dinners, cocktail parties, welcome events, coffee breaks or company drinks.



·         Capacity: around 350 people
·         Six state-of-the-art screens
·         Air conditioning/heating
·         WiFi



An elegant space perfect for cocktail parties, with capacity for up to 100 people
Udinese Club House’s second hospitality area is the Manager Club, which has capacity for up to 100 people.
Equipped with a cooking area (ideal for mini cooking demos) and urban-style chairs and tables, it’s perfect for both formal and informal events.
Great services like air conditioning/heating, four wall-mounted screens and two refreshment points mean that this is the perfect venue for exclusive welcome events, coffee breaks, buffet lunches and dinners, cocktail parties and work drinks.



·         Capacity: around 100 people
·         Four state-of-the-art screens
·         Air conditioning/heating
·         WiFi



A classy space with service to match, ideal for formal lunches and dinners featuring menus curated by some of the biggest names in the restaurant industry.
The President Club restaurant is the most prestigious of all the spaces that form part of Udinese Club House.
It is here that the first-team and Primavera squads eat lunch every day, along with the club’s senior management.
The space can accommodate up to 150 people for seated lunches or dinners, or 250 for standing buffet events. With its open-view kitchen and elegant tables, set to perfection by the Udinese restaurant staff, the President Club restaurant enjoys a fantastic reputation throughout the region.
Great services like air conditioning/heating and four wall-mounted screens make this the perfect venue for exclusive seated lunches or dinners, welcome events, coffee breaks or buffet lunches and dinners.



·         Capacity: 150 people seated or 250 for buffet events
·         Four state-of-the-art screens
·         Air conditioning/heating
·         WiFi



The ideal place to make everyone feel like the star of the show.
The Press Room is the place where our coach speaks to the media before and after home matches. Regional and national sports journalists sit in 65 comfortable, black leather chairs with Udinese branding and integrated writing tables.
The room features state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment (70-inch screen, audio system, spotlights and WiFi), which all contributes to that pre-match buzz.
The Press Room is available for use for meetings or presentations by companies who wish to surprise their guests with a different venue to the conventional meeting room. It’s also possible to set up a welcome/coffee area in the adjoining space.



·         Capacity: 65 people seated (20 in order to ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations)
·         State-of-the-art 70-inch screen
·         Audio system used for first-team coach press conferences
·         spotlights
·         Air conditioning/heating
·         WiFi



A space combining all the services, privacy and entertainment you could wish for.
The Team Lounge area is usually used by the players and their families and features an area designed for babysitting/children’s entertainment.
It’s the perfect place for company meetings or events whenever you need to divide the participants up into groups for team building or business games. Located next to the President Club, the space can also be used for babysitting during events.



·         Capacity: 40 people seated
·         Two state-of-the-art screens
·         Six sofas
·         Two pool tables
·         Table tennis table
·         Children’s games
·         Babysitting service available

Children will be in their element in our well-stocked games room
Located in the Tribuna Laterale Nord, the new Le Zebrette games room is suitable for children between the ages of three and ten.
Created as part of the club’s efforts to make the Dacia Arena a family-friendly stadium, the Le Zebrette games room is used by children on match-days under the supervision of child entertainment professionals.