Frequent questions about tickets

I lost my Supporter ID Card, what should I do?

If you lose your Supporter ID Card you have to lodge a complaint of loss to the Public Security Authority and go with a copy of the lodge to the Store Dacia Arena (open from Tuesday to Saturday form 10.30AM to 12.30PM and from 3PM to 7PM) in order to subscrive a new card. The release of the new Udinese My Passion is immediate and costs 12€.

I lost my print seat card, how can I print it again?

If you lose your print seat card you can print it again by visiting this page or you can go to the Store Dacia Arena (open from Tuesday to Saturday form 10.30AM to 12.30PM and from 3PM to 7PM) where a duplicate will be be delivered to you immediately.

In which occasions should I bring the Supporter ID Card?

Your Supporter ID Card is necessary in order to:
  • Attend an away game purchasing a ticket in the Visitor Area of the other stadiums
  • Attend an away game and follow Udinese in any sector of any stadium if you live in Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Purchase a ticket in any sector of the Dacia Arena if you live in the same region as the away team
  • Purchase a season ticket
  • Get the season ticket of another supporters through the change of user.

My Supporter ID Card expires during the season and my season ticket is connected with it, what should I do?

You shoud go to the Store Dacia Arena up to the day before the match: A new card will be immediately released to you with your season ticket in it.
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