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Projected by the engineer Giuliano Parmegiani and the architect Lorenzo Giacomuzzi Moore, the building of the stadium began in 1971, even if it was officially opened on 26 September 1976 during the Udinese – Seregno match. The new stadium replaced the previous glorious Moretti Stadium, where many Udinese matches have been played. It was later rebuilt for Italia ’90 World Championship, when it hosted three matches. The stadium had a capacity of 41’652 seats, now reduced to 25’000.
 Friuli Stadium, Piazzale Argentina3,
Località Rizzi, Udine
Ownership Udinese Calcio SPA
Original project
dr. ing. Giuliano Parmegiani
dr. arch. Lorenzo Giacomuzzi
Year of construction 1971
Completion of works 1976

Renovation work by Udinese Calcio SPA

Started in 2014 and finished in 2016

  • Progetto dello stadio, direzione lavori, progetto architettonico della facciata e immagine del nuovo stadio Scarica il pdf

Stadium regulation

You can read the stadium regulation by downloading the following PDF documents. The purchasing ad the use of stadium tickets and passes implies the knowledge and acceptance of the stadium regulation. 

Rules for banners introduction

According to the Ministry of Domestic Affairs with the Determinazione n. 14/2007 of 8 marzo 2007, there are some rules in terms of banners and choreography policy that have to be followed.

If you want to bring any banners into the stadium, please fill in the following form: Modulo Richiesta Autorizzazione Scaricabile.

The form must be sent per e-mail (udinese@udinesespa.it) or via fax (0432/544933) within 7 days before the match with all the required documents. Please mention a telephone number in order to communicate whether your request has been accepted or denied. The Club will then forward all requests to G.O.S. (Gruppo Operativo di Sicurezza) in order to obtain final approval and inform you of its decisions. We remind that this concerns only home matches.
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