Information on Dacia Arena

The stadium was designed by Giuliano Parmegiani and Lorenzo Giacomuzzi Moore, with construction work beginning in 1971. The stadium was officially inaugurated on 26 September 1976 at a match between Udinese and Seregno, thus replacing the beloved Stadio Moretti – Udinese’s home for many years. It was renovated ahead of the Italia ’90 World Cup, hosting three matches. Though the stadium’s maximum capacity has been as high as 41,652 in the past, the current capacity is 25,000 spectators.
 Friuli Stadium, Piazzale Argentina3,
Località Rizzi, Udine
Owner Udinese Calcio SPA
Original design
dr. ing. Giuliano Parmegiani
dr. arch. Lorenzo Giacomuzzi
Year of construction 1971
Year of completion 1976
Renovation work carried out by Udinese Calcio SPA
Work began in 2014 and was completed in 2016
Stadium design, project schedule, architectural design of the façade, images of new stadium
  • Progetto dello stadio, direzione lavori, progetto architettonico della facciata e immagine del nuovo stadio Download PDF


Download the PDFs below to read the stadium regulations. By purchasing or using a match-day ticket or season ticket, fans declare that they have read and accept the stadium regulations.
  • 2.4.1 Regolamento d'uso - Rev. 1.1_EN.docx Download PDF
  • 2.4.1 Regolamento d'uso - Rev. 1.1. 22-23pdf.pdf Download PDF
  • Stadium rules and regulation 2018-19_EN.pdf Download PDF
  • UDINESE CALCIO - Integrazione Regolamento d'uso rev.1.0 (1) (1) (1).pdf Download PDF


In accordance with Ruling 14/2007 of 8 March 2007 by the Observatory on Sporting Events, below is an overview of the procedure for bringing banners into the stadium for Udinese Calcio home games and displaying these within the stadium. 
Before bringing a banner to the stadium, the Authorisation Form must be completed and sent either via email to (preferable option) or via fax to 0432/544933 no later than seven days before the match in question. All required documentation must be sent along with this form. Please ensure you include a telephone number so we can contact you to inform you of the outcome of your request.
Requests will be sent to the Operational Safety Group for approval, with the club then notifying applicants of their decision.
Only those requests pertaining to Udinese Calcio SPA home games can be considered.