Esports are an ever-growing phenomenon and are becoming increasingly professional. In Italy, they are a form of entertainment which attract a very diverse audience, with particular interest coming from the younger generations. Millions of fans around the world are passionate about esports because they bring people together, offer 
a sense of belonging to a community and provide a healthy level of competitiveness.
In December 2023, Udinese Esports D-Link signed a partnership agreement with one of the most prestigious organisations in the industry in Italy, the EKO Esports Team. This was the start of a new ambitious beginning for the club in the field of esports which, alongside a strategic partner in EKO, aims to serve as the foundations to achieve significant competitive goals and much more. With a focus on Gen. Z, Udinese Esports D-Link seeks to build a large and loyal community orbiting around the ‘Sun’ of this new system: the Bluenergy Stadium.
There will be a real Gaming House capable of hosting live events, not only for Italian gamers but also for international players, taking advantage of the city’s strategic position in the Alpe Adria area of Italy, Austria and Slovenia. 
Udinese Esports D-Link and EKO put together an all-star roster for the 2023/24 season, comprised of following players: Gabriel Antonini, a 17-year-old prodigy, among the only two Italian players to feature in the World Top 20 at the EA Sports FC Pro Open; Renzo "Nzorello" Parave, a highly experienced player boasting enviable track record; Alessio "Salzo" Salzone, current holder of the title of "Rookie of The Year" for his surprising performances in the last edition of the eSerie A TIM, and Marco "Mexican" Castelli, a coach of the highest level, who deserves credit for the young Italians today who are riding on the crest of an esports wave.
That being said, Udinese's Esports project goes beyond the present and is looking to the future, fully embracing a certain philosophy which has always set the Friulian club apart from the rest - a paradigm of professionalism, passion and the search for talent. This is evidenced by the long-term eAcademy project, which from now on will be entirely managed by EKO. While never losing sight of the educational objectives of both the sportsperson and the individual behind the sportsperson, the eAcademy provides an opportunity in esports to the many rising Italian stars who dream of representing a professional team. As in the world of football, it is crucial to cultivate talent from a young age.
The project is constantly growing and seeks to achieve strategic expansion through the involvement of professionals and the continued commitment to recording ever more impressive results in the competitive world of esports.
Fans and followers can keep up to date with EKO and Udinese Esports D-Link on social media platforms and watch Udinese Esports D-Link’s friendly and competitive matches on the official EKO Twitch channel: