Udinese Calcio S.p.A. has legally protected the exclusivity of various registered logos and trademarks in order to guarantee that they are used in accordance with the regulations and provisions of the law.
Exploiting the Udinese Calcio brand is one of the club’s main assets and which is where sporting results can be derived from, which is what we all wish to achieve in order to make millions of fans worldwide happy.
Udinese Calcio, which is aware of the value of its own trademarks, is particularly active in terms of monitoring their use through these rights, and does so its own interests and in the interests of the club’s supporters.
In a bid to ensure the legitimacy of the origin of services and products offered, Udinese Calcio has joined a physical and digital anti-counterfeiting and Brand Protection project promoted by the Lega Serie A.
The website and main local marketplaces are constantly monitored in order to prevent the sale of non-original products by unauthorised third parties.
Selling or promoting non-original items is a crime that is punishable by current law and both the Lega Serie A and Udinese Calcio are working hard on a daily basis in the fight against counterfeiting.
In order to prevent the purchase of non-original materials, supporters are encouraged to be wary of unauthorised resellers and to only purchase official products.
The Lega Serie A and Udinese Calcio have developed a specific channel for law-enforcement agencies to be able to quickly check items liable to counterfeiting, choosing Carpinvest Group as their partner for its anti-counterfeiting expertise.
For information or reports on materials that are presumably counterfeited, please send an email to seriea@carpinvest.it or contact Carpinvest Group (www.carpinvest.it) by phone.