19 April 2021

eSerieA TIM FIFA play-offs

Udinese eSports D-Link FIFA pro gamer Riccardo Nordio “Dastardly27” will compete in the Winner Bracket

Post Lancio Winner Bracket.png

Playoff eSerieA TIM FIFA

Il Pro Player di FIFA Riccardo Nordio “Dastardly27” di Udinese Esports D-Link impegnato nel Winner Bracket

The eSerie A TIM FIFA play-offs are set to take place on Tuesday 20 April from 14:05 CEST, with fans able to follow proceedings on the eSerieA Twitch channel.
Udinese pro gamer Dastardly27 will face the winner of the match between Torino eSports and Inter eSports in a best of two clash, taking place on the eSerieA Twitch channel from 19:35 CEST.
The winner of that match-up will advance to the Final Eight on 14 May 2021, while the loser will go into the Loser Bracket and play on 21 April 2021 from 13:30 CEST.