14 March 2024
14 March 2024

Miko, Udinese Calcio and Macron team up to create the first-ever ball made with Dinamica® microfibre

The ball will be officially unveiled at Udinese v Torino on 16 March, a fixture for which Dinamica® by Miko is the match sponsor

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The 12 commemorative balls will be signed by Udinese Calcio’s starting XI before going to auction. The proceeds will be used for the planting of trees in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in collaboration with WOWnature, an initiative by Etifor, a spin-off of the University of Padua.
Gorizia, March 2024 - Miko s.r.l., the Italian manufacturer of Dinamica®, the innovative microfibre with a suede-like appearance made partly using recycled polyester*, Udinese Calcio and Macron, have combined their resources and experience to come up with a ground-breaking project, strengthening the ties between the football world and environmental responsibility. 
Macron was responsible for the design study and the creation of 12commemorative footballs using Dinamica®. The new Pure line was used to create the balls, a microfibre with 75% recycled polyester fibres, certified according to the GRS (Global Recycled Standard). Macron, a company based in Bologna and one of the international leaders in the production of technical sportswear, has been implementing measures aimed at environmental sustainability for years, which include creating a state-of-the-art campus and pledging an all-encompassing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their products and production processes. 
Udinese Calcio were among the first clubs to decide to make their match kits using Eco Fabric, a 100% polyester fabric made from recycled PET. From this season onwards all of Macron’s professional partners in every sport have also opted for this approach. Udinese Calcio, who have always raised awareness among their partners and fans about protecting the environment and have earnt the title of the fourth most sustainable club in the world - the first in Italy according to ESG parameters - have also decided to join in by involving their first-team players. In fact, the microfibre balls, which are currently not designed to be used as match balls, instead simply as commemorative balls, will be signed by Udinese’s starting XI in their game against Torino on 16 March, a fixture for which Dinamica® by Miko is the match sponsor
These balls – as well as another signed by the entire squad - will then be put up for auction. The auction will take place on the Matchworn website ( https://www.matchwornshirt.com/event/15-03-2024-udinese-special-event ) from the match’s kick-off time (15:00 CET on Saturday 16 March) and will last for seven days. The entire proceeds will be used by the three participating institutions to plant new trees in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in collaboration with WOWnature. This is an initiative by Etifor, an environmental consulting company and spin-off of the University of Padua, which helps companies and citizens in the process of reforestation and taking care of existing woodland in Italy and abroad. 
Once the auction has been finalised an event will be organised during which trees will be planted. This will also include a meeting between Udinese first-team players and the fans who bought the balls.
“At Miko we have always carried out policies and initiatives that can have a positive impact on the environment. With this project in collaboration with Macron and Udinese we also want to raise awareness in the world of sport,” declared Benedetta Terraneo, Business Manager of Miko. “We’re proud to present an initiative that started out as a fun idea and has turned into reality after two years of research. The Dinamica® microfibre ball represents a collective challenge, one especially significant for Udinese fans and the world of football. Through this collaboration we will be able to carry out a meaningful activity in our local area."
"The development of the ball by Macron in collaboration with Dinamica® and Udinese stems from our shared values such as sustainability and environmental protection," commented Andrea Coroli, Macron's Accessories Coordinator. "It’s the result of an unwavering commitment to research and development of increasingly sustainable materials and production processes. Macron sees the ball, a symbol of this beautiful game that unites millions of people around the world, as an opportunity to help build a more sustainable and resilient future, and to raise awareness to support eco-friendly policies and initiatives that protect our planet."
"At Udinese, we see sustainability, in all of its meanings and guises, as a founding value,” added General Manager Franco Collavino.” Using this concept as a starting point we involve and encourage our partners in projects that promote this common value. Udinese, Dinamica and Macron all share an environmental awareness with a passion for innovation. This ball project follows in the wake of the many other activities, one of particular renown being the creation of the solar park at Bluenergy Stadium, which aims to increase our commitment to the environment by having the privilege of being able to count on high-level partners who espouse our same ideals. We were the first Macron club to adopt match shirts made using eco-sustainable fabrics back in 2020, which has gone on to inspire over 200 Macron-branded clubs in all sports that now use them."
NOTE: We kindly ask you not to use the following expressions and related synonyms regarding the Dinamica microfibre: friend of the environment, ECO, green, ecological, eco-friendly, natural choice (including the old Dinamica logo), the first sustainable and recyclable microfibre, close to nature, ecological or sustainable microfibre, natural choice, 100% recyclable, no harmful substances, use of neutral and non-toxic dyes, reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 80%. Let's avoid talking about sustainability and let's talk about respect for the environment and circular economy instead, along with recycled polyester microfibre (Dinamica® is an Italian-made microfibre partly produced with recycled polyester. The recycled component varies depending on the product line and application).