22 January 2024
22 January 2024

Official Statement: First individual involved in discriminatory behaviour identified and banned for life from Udinese Stadium

The person will face a lifetime banding

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In a joint effort with the local police authorities and utilizing the Bluenergy Stadium security cameras, Udinese Calcio has identified the first individual responsible for discriminatory behaviour towards AC Milan player Mike Maignan. 
This person will face a lifetime banfrom attending any Udinese Calcio matches. This ban is effective immediately.
 We believe that such strong measures are necessary to send a clear message that racism has no place in football or society. Udinese Calcio stands firmly against any form of discrimination, and we are determined to create an inclusive and respectful environment within our football community.
We thank the authorities for their cooperation and together we will continue to work tirelesslyin order to identify and punish other individuals who were involved in this incident and that tarnish the sporting ethics of the club, the Region, the city of Udine and a fan base that has always been a model of integration and respect.
We want to ensure that our stadium remains a space where everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, background, culture, and language is able to enjoy the beautiful game without fear of discrimination. Udinese Calcio calls on all football stakeholders to unite in the fight against racism and discrimination, fostering an environment that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion.