05 June 2024
05 June 2024

Udinese Calcio Announces Strategic Partnership with Driblab

A collaboration to Enhance Advanced Statistics and Scouting Solutions

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Udinese Calcio is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Driblab, a leading football data consultancy, to integrate advanced statistics and cutting-edge scouting solutions into its operations. This collaboration underscores Udinese's commitment to innovation and excellence in its analysis and scouting department.

As part of this agreement, Udinese will gain access to Driblab's platform, driblabPRO. This powerful tool, encompassing data on more than 200,000 players worldwide, will enable Udinese to conduct comprehensive talent analysis and significantly bolster the capabilities of its scouting team. By leveraging driblabPRO, Udinese aims to make more informed decisions, ensuring a competitive edge in player acquisition and development.

Driblab is renowned in the football industry for its extensive coverage of data and its expertise in big data analytics. The consultancy provides tailored solutions that help football clubs around the world identify talent, optimize team performance, and develop strategic plans based on in-depth statistical analysis.

“Innovation and the search for excellence are the cornerstones of our model - underlines the General Director Franco Collavino - From this perspective, the partnership with Driblab is strategic and will give us the opportunity to capitalize even better on our know-how in player recruiting, storing more and more data, but also in the data analysis of all the departments of the sports area functional, not only to research, but to the development of footballers. Scouting has been our excellence for 30 years and this combination will allow us to give our talents a further and precious work tool”.

For Salvador Carmona, CEO of Driblab: “We are excited to collaborate with Udinese, a club known for its forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence. Our platform, driblabPRO, will provide Udinese with unparalleled insights and analytics, empowering their scouting and analysis teams to make data-informed decisions with confidence”.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Udinese Calcio as it continues to enhance its infrastructure and embrace technological advancements. By integrating Driblab's advanced solutions, Udinese is set to improve its talent identification processes and maintain its reputation as a club that thrives on innovation.