15 March 2023
15 March 2023

Udinese Calcio joins forces with Chiamarsi Bomber

Find out about the club’s exciting partnership with the media entertainment company

Udinese calcio & Chiamarsi Bomber.jpg
Udinese Calcio’s path towards digitalisation continues through targeted and well-researched partnerships in order to achieve new and important targets, which can be communicated, in turn, via social media and online. The connection between the club and Chiamarsi Bomber, a media entertainment company with over five million followers on social media, is in line with this vision.
“We’re thrilled with the establishment of the partnership with Chiamarsi Bomber,” stated Jacopo Romeo, Chief Communications Udinese Calcio, “which is a major media company and much more than that, with the aim of promoting and also looking at the funny side of Italian football through social networks. We’ve already begun a journey down an exciting pathway covering a range of content and will continue to develop and expand in this area involving footballers and other subjects. The target is to make Udinese better known by taking the club closer to our fan base and exploiting the popularity of Chiamarsi Bomber.”
“It’s a real honour for us to have rolled out a partnership with Udinese Calcio, which is a historic club,” said Riccardo Russo, Co-Founder and Chief Communications CB Digital. “We will get the chance to create operational relationships that allow both organisations to work on engaging projects across-the-board for football fans, in line with our target of getting supporters ever closer to their favourite superstars. This is another step forward that further enhances our development pathway.”