Gigi Comuzzi, allenatore della Primavera
Giacomini joined Genoa at the beginning of the 1960-61 season, while Bettini joined Inter. It was the end. The Club could not adequately substitute these players; especially Galli, a mid-winger, and Bonafin let expectations down. The beginning of the season was hard and the whole championship turned out to be an ordeal. The president, Bruseschi, hired Rozzoni, from Lazio, one of the best strikers of our history of football, also called Selmosson back, and entrusted the bench to Alfredo Foni, former trainer of the National team. But in vain. Also the midfielder Silvano Moro moved back to Udinese. There was nothing to do, Udinese finished the season up at the last place with only 17 points.
The problems of Udinese did not seem to stop at all. After two championships in serie B, (1962-63 and 1963-64), they were relegated to C. The board of Acciù appointed Giuseppe Bertoli as overtime comissioner. Yet good result seemed far away and the team ended up at 11th place with their new coach, Severino Feruglio, who was forced to leave the bench because of health problems. Fortunately Primavera, the youth team, of Gigi Comuzzi gained the category's scudetto. 

The end of Bruseschi's age. Brunello, the new president

Massimo Giacomini giocò dal 1957 al '61, per poi tornare tra il 1970 e il '73
Dino Bruseschi did not surrender the club's hardships: he entrusted Gipo Viani as the general director, and Romolo Camuffo was appointed as the new coach. Udinese made a good start but on 7 Ocober 1968 after sixteen years Bruseschi was exempted from his office by the administrative board. The new president was Pietro Brunello. The team were strong, but not as strong as Piacenza; infact Udinese were beaten 2-0 on 1 January 1968 at "Moretti". After that game Gipo Viani prematurely died of a heart attak in Ferrara.

New coaches, new players went to and fro. It was necessary to wait until the 1972-73 season to seee bianconeri doing their best and finishing the season at the top of the table together with Parma. It was thus necessary to play a play-off game to be promoted to serie B. The game took place in Vicenza on 24 June 1973. Udinese's dreams of glory crashed against a poor performance: Galeone e Giacomini, the two main stars, could not get tuned to the match; Zanin the goalkeeper, made some childish mistakes and Parma took advantage of them. Udinese lost 2-0 to Parma, the strikers being Sega (14' minute) and Olpi (33' of the first half). Giacomini and Galeone ended their careers as footballers and the following year they trained the team. Giacomini was the coach while Galeone was the assistant coach. Yet Giacomini could not get the necessary authorization to train the team and the club had to hire Sergio Manente. Things grew more and more difficult through the years: at the end of that championship Udinese finished in 2nd palce, the year after got 3rd position with 11 points less than Piacenza; in 1975-76 they finished in 5th place, 13 points less than newly promoted Monza.
1967-68: Pontel protetto da Zampa in Udinese - Verbania, conclusasi 2-1
That same Primavera lineup would turn into the First Team the next year. Dino Bruseschi took control once again and the championship was very good and in the end Udinese gaind second place right behind Savona. The club's stars were three forwards, Ariedo Braida, Ivan Bosdaves and Arrigo Dolso. The talented trio left Udinese at the end of the season also due to the need of improving the club's finances. Although playing good football and finishing two consecutive seasons in high positions, Udinese did not have the potential to go back to serie B, yet.
Udinese primavera campione d’Italia 1964.jpg
L'Udinese Primavera campioni d'Italia nel 1964